Amazon FBA Guide: How to Improve Your Sales on Amazon

20/03/05 09:54

If you have ever thought about manufacturing and vending items online, then the best platform to use is Amazon. You can use the platform to manufacture and ship products to clients after they placed an order. Moreover, it offers you a channel that you can offer customers professional services through emails.

When you join Amazon as a vendor, it would be to your advantage to join Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) scheme. Through the scheme, you have the potential to earn a good amount of revenue within a month.

What to Know About Amazon FBA?

The FBA scheme that eases the process of a seller using Amazon to supply different items. Through the scheme, Amazon professionals are the ones who will be packing and shipping your items to the buyers. Your only job will be to find the products and dispatch them to Amazon stores. To join the program, you must first have a seller account.

amazon fba recipe for success

When you register for a seller account, Amazon requires you to fill the details regarding the products you will be vending. If you are listed as an FBA member, Amazon will assign you the warehouse that you are supposed to dispatch your items to. After doing that, you will print your UPS packing slip that will be produced by Amazon, then drop the items at FedEx or UPS.

The noble thing about Amazon is that it allows sellers to retail used or newly manufactured products. Moreover, you have the option of re-selling items that you have acquired while still on its original package.

It is beneficial to use the Amazon FBA scheme compared to shipping the items yourself. Those benefits entail:

  • Amazon experts will handle all the activities making your work easy. They handle all the activities from packaging, shipping, and calculating returns. The only thing is to ensure that your products are properly listed.
  • Your item will be listed for Prime Shipping. The scheme is beneficial to buyers because they will get 2-day shipping for free. Prime shipping for free two-day somehow attracts more sales for a buyer.


In order to access all the services offered by the Amazon FBA scheme, you are required to pay a certain amount of fees. Before you register for the program, ensure that you check all the details regarding the charges. Amazon offers you with an FBA calculator that you can use to approximate the number of fees you will get charged as an FBA seller. When you want to sell a certain item, the calculator will give you the precise amount of fee that you will pay.

How to Attract Sales as an Amazon FBA Seller

  The main aim of registering as a seller on Amazon is to make a profit. Therefore, you have to pick products that can certainly sell. Here are the characteristics of the products you should sell:

  • Privately Labeled Products

Look for a manufacturer who produces the items you want to sell and make a deal with them to put your brand or label on the package. Although numerous steps get involved when it comes to branding and private labeling, it the best idea if you want to earn more revenue as an Amazon FBA seller.

  • Being Unique

When selling similar products with that of competitors, ensure that you add some unique features to make them stand out. Read your competitors' item reviews and look for the bad ones that the clients complained about. See if you can improve on those sections and offer something good that will make the buyers come back for more or refer you to other people.

  • Best Seller Rank

The best metric to use when searching for a product to sell is picking the ones that are rated high on the Bestseller Rank. Highly ranked products mean that they are in demand. With the information, you will come up with advanced marketing strategies to compete with other top sellers and attract more buyers at your product page.


With the information about the Amazon FBA scheme, you can choose whether to join or not join the program. When you join the program, ensure that you pick products to sell after running good research using different Amazon tools. If you pick a wrong product, it can be costly because you will not sell, yet you have spent a lot of time and money. 

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